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Dr. Jesse

Dr. Jessie NMD
Functional Medicine

With over a decade of professional experience, Dr. Jessie is committed to transforming healthcare through a Functional Medicine approach. Known for her ability to tailor individualized treatment plans, she recognizes the unique essence of each person under her care, understanding that no two individuals are alike.

Adopting a “quality AND quantity” perspective, she prioritizes longevity and regenerative medicine in her practice. She adheres to the principles of functional medicine, delving into the root causes of health issues to create personalized solutions for her patients. Her favorite therapeutic tools are whole-food nutrition, physical medicine and activity, and emotional wellness techniques, coupled with bioidentical hormone replacement, peptides, and supplementation where needed.

Having healed herself from major health issues, including recovery from a significant surgery in 2021, Dr. Jessie has a personal connection to her approach. With a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle, she has been involved in athletics since childhood and you can currently find her at Pilates or yoga, hiking, and lifting weights. Now in her 40s, she truly feels better in her body than she did throughout her teens and 20s.

Fueled by her own transformative journey, Dr. Jessie embodies the principles she advocates for in her practice. Living a toxin-free lifestyle, she passionately promotes the accessibility of local organic food and our beautiful natural environment. As a Naturopathic and Functional Medicine doctor, she is dedicated to guiding individuals on a journey towards lasting well-being, emphasizing not only the quantity of your years, but the quality of your health and healing too.