Longevity Training Club
Andrew Araza

Andrew Araza  

Growing up, Andrew battled annoying allergies, asthma, and eczema, which ignited a lifelong journey to heal, connect with his body, and cultivate a passion for helping others do the same. Leveraging a degree in bio and exercise health from UCSB, he founded Innate Fitness in 2008. With extensive experience in group exercise, ranging from fitness boot camps in parks and beaches to owning and operating his own facility for twelve years in Santa Barbara, Andrew has come full circle back to individual coaching and training. Andrew believes it’s the most powerful platform to clarify goals, overcome obstacles, and develop a health and fitness approach that’s sustainable and enjoyable in the long term. He is thrilled to partner with Physical Focus, driven by a strong passion not only for immediate strength and mobility gains but also for crafting engaging plans that endure for decades. More recently, marriage and fatherhood have given him a remarkably fresh perspective on goals, priorities and training strategies.

Andrew has a particular passion for guiding those who feel anxious, intimidated, or apprehensive about exercise to build a joyful relationship with the process and develop multiple capacities.

Partnering with Clients on 12 Week Programs to develop and integrate: Goals, plans and actions that result in successful achievement and higher quality of life.

Certifications and Workshops:

Basic Bodyweight + Gymnastics for Strength and Conditioning
The Strength Sensei Charles Poliquin Biomechanics Assessment Workshop
Power Speed Endurance/Pose Method Running
Power Athlete
Olympic Weightlifting
Stretching Techniques