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Welcome to Longevity Training Club, where our club programs are tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or striving to enhance your performance, we have the ideal program just for you. In our state-of-the-art training facilities, you’ll find a supportive and empowering environment that will propel you to new heights. Join us today and unlock your true potential, defying time and living a long and strong life.

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You can get a thorough and comprehensive Performance Longevity Evaluation done to assess your needs before you join.

Montecito, CA - Gym Workout Facility

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Club Programs 

Weights at the Gym

Outlive Program

Proactive Medicine - Outlive Membership is ‘Medicine 3.0’.

How do I play the long game and get there with quality years of life? Know your numbers and have a plan to perform!

In the Outlive Membership, the major principles are:

  • Prevention > Treatment
  • Individualize your health and lifestyle plan and actions
  • Routinely assess your risk - know your numbers
  • Think healthspan and Quality of Life (QoL)

Longevity needs to start as early as possible! Otherwise the downward slope of biological function will start to overtake you. So, what's your plan for bending the healthspan curve for cognitive function, physical activity and emotional health? What are your Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics? We give you a Plan To Perform with the key longevity lifestyle changes needed to OUTLIVE!

Vitality Gym membership

Vitality Program

A Framework for Longevity/Health

What makes a centenarian? A plan for a healthy lifestyle! The human genome of our ancestral hunter-gatherer was not intended for our contemporary toxic built environment where our genes no longer match the environment.

Therefore, we must be cunning with our tactics to adapt & thrive in this new & hazardous environment.

The approach includes optimizing lifestyle behaviours (exercise, nutritional biochemistry, sleep, stress management)

  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution; The prescription is individualized
  • Create a Performance Longevity Playbook (You Eat What You Kill)
  • Empowering your performance
  • Take Action: it's not easy to change habits. We can show you how!
  • Allow for some tinkering, discovery & experimentation, so that optimal, individualized solutions can become a way of life

The Vitality Membership gives you a specific individualized program based off of our comprehensive assessment that is sustainable and allows you to keep doing the things you love to do for a very long time!

Working Out

Pursuit Program

The PURSUIT for Longevity -

Exercise is the most Powerful Longevity Drug!

  • How can we prepare for being a ‘Centenarian Olympian’? The Pursuit Membership will show you how!
  • The logical first step in our quest to DEFY TIME is to get our metabolic house in order and Exercise is the Medicine!
  • Understand your Nutritional Biochemistry, which explains the complex, intertwined processes of nutrients and metabolism.
  • Learning other key Recovery Tools to Help your Pursuit for Longevity

Physical fitness and Nutritional Biochemistry is the key to healthspan. The physical outcome of regular exercise is improved muscle mass - The Engine Of Metabolism - Learn how to keep your engine running at full capacity for increased longevity and reduce the risk of chronic disease outcomes through our comprehensive plan and discover the PURSUIT for LONGEVITY!

Working Out

Open Gym

24/7 Access Open Gym Membership at Longevity Training Club

Unlock Your Fitness Freedom: Longevity Training Club’s exclusive Open Gym Membership offers round-the-clock access, personalized entry codes, and state-of-the-art facilities. Work out when it suits you best, enjoy the cold plunge and sauna for recovery, and connect with our supportive community. Elevate your fitness journey with us! 

Before you join you can still get a Longevity Consultation…

Get a thorough and comprehensive Performance Longevity Evaluation done to assess your needs before you join.