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Matthew Anderson, BS, CSCS

Professor Matthew Anderson CSCS

Matthew Anderson BS, CSCS has over a decade of experience as a Performance Coach and entrepreneur in the Santa Barbara community. He specializes in training high level athletes as well as high performance adults. Matthew currently owns two gyms, Titan Sports Performance and Physical Focus. He received his BS major Kinesiology and minor in Public Health from University of Nebraska at Kearney. While there, he played collegiate football and won their conference championship in 2010 and 2011. He started his career as a trainer for Titan Sports Performance in 2013 and was fortunate enough to purchase the business in 2015. There, Matthew specializes in sport specific training for amateur athletes as well as private training for individuals of all ages. Through Titan, he also trains several club and collegiate teams in the community. He has developed a deep understanding of training high level athletes and applies that same knowledge to training highly motivated adults who also have specific goals they are trying to reach. Whether it’s skiing, golfing or keeping up with their children/grandchildren, he can help them achieve it. Matthew resides in Santa Barbara with his wife, Sarai, and two children, Jaiden and Leo.

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